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Caught in a Bad Romance - She doesn't know what I do...
...but she knows who I am.
Caught in a Bad Romance
I have been re-reading the 'Emily' books by LM Montgomery.

Because when I'm studying and stressed about exams I turn to childhood favourites for comfort. Don't judge me.

One thing I have noticed on my re-read is how insufficient the male romantic interests are (except for Perry because Perry is awesome and he is not taken seriously enough). I mean, Emily is an awesome character: strong, ambitious, proud, and a writer. She deserves better. LM Montgomery, I know you can do awesome. I've cherished a childhood crush on Gilbert Blythe, I love Barney Snaith. Why do Teddy and Dean suck so much?

On the one hand you have Dean Priest, old enough to be her father, and so jealous and bitter that he tells her that her first novel is shit because he envies that she won't give herself wholly to him because of her writing. There are some problems with the whole 'outward appearance reflecting inner evil' (and I don't mean in a 'wears too much eyeliner and leather pants' way), but I won't go into them because I don't know enough about the issues to coherently argue them. Anyway, suffice to say, Dean is not deserving of Emily's cool.

On the other hand you have Teddy, who is a douchebag. I think we're supposed to like Teddy but when you have characters like Ilse (have I mentioned how much I love Ilse? She is spectacular and I want to be just like her when I grow up) telling Emily how self-absorbed and spoiled Teddy really is, I can't help believing it. Also, he proposes to her in a letter, which his mother, another 'outward appearance reflecting inner evil' type (Really, LM Montgomery, you can do better), destroys and replaces with a newspaper clipping. YOU CAN JUST GO AND TALK TO HER. HER AUNTS LIKE YOU LOADS. SO DOES SHE. THERE ARE NO BARRIERS IN PLACE. AND YOU ARE NOT CAPTAIN WENTWORTH.

It just kind of sucks when the romance you're rooting for is Ilse and Perry getting together and when the main character's inevitable proposal from Teddy is kind of 'meh'.

Though Ilse and Perry are spectacular *waves TEAM ILSE banner wildly*.


In other news, Tui and I went to Prince of Persia, which was hilariously bad. Partly because no one in our audience seemed to get how awful it was. Ah, arranged marriage, there is no way this can end poorly. And a convenient reset button plot device, super lame. Very funny though: Alfred Molina was most amusing.

Also, plot device dagger totally stolen from Galaxy Quest. I'm just sayin'.

Have accidentally invited about fifteen people over for a study group tomorrow. In my very small living room. Should be interesting. Fortunately, I bought pita bread. And hummus. I am prepared for all eventualities. I think.

Exams next week. Why, teacher's college? I try to treat you good, I hand in my assignments on time, I write you poetry. And then you pay me back like this.

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