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On the street where you live - She doesn't know what I do...
...but she knows who I am.
On the street where you live
I'm back living in the suburb where I grew up, in the house where I grew up. It's kind of strange. Like, I went to the supermarket the other day. I forgot how many people you meet at the local supermarket. I bumped into two close family friends, had a chat, caught up. And it took me about fifteen minutes longer to do my shopping. This suburb is Wellington in a microcosm.

Also, I went for a walk and saw this poster.

I only had my camera phone but if you can't read it, it says: Have you seen this unicorn?

I am going a little crazy living by myself. Not in a bad way yet. Just in a 'talking to the cat' way. As Liz says, as long as I don't think that my cat Darcy is actually Mr Darcy, I should be okay. It does mean that I have no one to rant at when things are wrong.

For instance, I got kind of angry at Outrageous Fortune last night. Those who watch it will know why. And I had to resort to leaving many comments on people's facebook pages and ranting at Tui via twitter (140 characters cannot contain my rage!).

I will say that Outrageous Fortune has been the best television to come out of New Zealand in a long while. It has been frequently hilarious, consistently dramatic, and exquisitely New Zealand. But this season has been systematically reducing the series to something less excellent. The increase of humour above all else, the lack of a coherent dramatic plot, the sometimes shonky issues it is raising without questioning them (I'm thinking particularly about the idea that Munter can't be a stay-at-home Dad, but they've said some pretty ick things in relation to Loretta's brothel), sidelining Cheryl, the character who holds it all together.

Last night, Pascalle and Judd slept together.

Judd is Cheryl's partner, holding the fort while Cheryl's in prison in Christchurch. Pascalle is Cheryl's daughter, whose fiance recently tried to kidnap her and make her flee the country with him. She and Judd get on well, in a family that is suspicious of ex-cop Judd.

The way I'd seen this arc going was Pascalle starting to view Judd as a father-figure. And then they hooked up.

I guess there are several things I have to say:
1. I don't get cheating. I don't get Judd cheating on Cheryl. I especially don't get Judd cheating on Cheryl with Pascalle.
2. Twists and sensation are not good writing.
3. Shock and sensation does not make good television.
4. People sleeping together does not equal character development ( believe I may have argued this point about Grey's Anatomy)

Look, I could buy Pascalle having a crush on Judd. I could buy her getting upset and drunk about that. I don't, however, buy Pascalle and Judd sleeping together. It doesn't fit what we know about their characters. Neither of them are cheaters. Neither of them would do this to Cheryl or to the West family. Neither have displayed any romantic symptoms towards each other until this point.

Sorry, that was a bit longer than anticipated. Am making a nice lemon loaf now and about to get started on my English readings. I have dinner with the girls in my senior social studies group on Friday, so am preparing for complaining, which will be marvelous.

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